We love castles, and mansions, and manors, oh my…

And, here at Castles of the Realm, you’ll find a sprinkling of news regarding these and more… such as palaces, estates, villas, chateaux and maybe even the elegant mountain lodge or two.

Also herein, you might encounter news about homes of the wealthy, of the stars, of the knights of history, and the monarchs of nobility… American gilded-age mansions and Newport cottages, Adirondack cabins, Hudson Valley estates, Railroad Empire hide-a-ways, mansions of the Gold Rush Winners, oh, and America has a castle or two, or maybe even more than a few.

As long as there are going to be so many fantastic places to explore, Castles of the Realm will be there to appreciate the little things that people do to keep them available for the world to see.

We hope to visit every one of them, someday…

-Castles of the Realm.