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As Robert Mihaly walks up a spiral staircase and arrives on the second story landing, he looks around at the trash and deteriorating shell of a house that surrounds him.There’s nothing but wood floor boards beneath his feet. The cold December air is breathing its way inside. There are window frames, but no glass to ward off the temperatures. Nearly every window is broken.

Mihaly abandoned the property 10 years ago. The house shows its age and neglect.In … (View original article)

Great Estates: a castle moved 400 yards, brick-by-brick, for a better view

When you climb the spiral staircase to the turret at the top of the tower at Stradey Castle the views are breathtaking, stretching across 1,700 acres of rural Wales and out to sea. It’s no wonder David Lewis moved his stately home brick by brick to a higher elevation in 1855. The ­family now calls its former location, 400 yards further south, the ­“wilderness lowland”.

Grade II*-listed Stradey Castle, on the western edge of Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, is one of the last privately he… (View original article)

Château de Hautefort: An Enchanting Castle in the Dordogne

The elegant Château de Hautefort sits atop a rolling green hill, offering superlative views of the Lourde and Beuze valleys in the Dordogne. The chateau has a long and rich history, with records showing that the earliest parts of the building date back to the ninth century, when it was the residence of a number of Knights of the Crusade. The architecture of the chateau has undergone many renovations over the centuries, as the need for fortifications lessened, giving over to aesthetic modific… (View original article)

An enormous chateau  | Daily Mail Online

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18:20 EDT, 19 September 2017

An enormous chateau with sprawling gardens and several outhouses is going up for auction with bids starting at just one euro.

Chateau de Blancafort was built in the Loire Valley in 1453 with Roman-style turrets and a French Baroque façade added two hundred years later.

It has 22,000 square feet of accommodation – around 25 times the size of a typical English home – and features a … (View original article)

A Peek Inside Jean-Louis Remilleux’s Chateau and French History – The New York Times

“My job is to produce TV shows, documentaries, talk shows,” Mr. Remilleux said. “For the past five or six years, I produce mostly documentaries about history, because the more I become old, the more I want to do only what I love.” He was awarded the Order of Arts and Letters in 2014.

In an interview, Mr. Remilleux talked about his collecting, and what it is like to have people traipsing through your house. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

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This might be the creepiest castle in England and it’s only a short drive from Kent | Kent Live

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It certainly presents an ominous image, a lonely castle surrounded by a moat, surrounded by mist like in the picture above.

But beyond being what one might imagine as the scene from some sort of medieval horror film, Bodiam Castle has an even creepier past.

Extensive inscriptions and witch marks dating back to the medieval period have been discovered at scratched into the walls of the 14th Century castle.

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Hidden Gem: Lovelace Castle – The Wittenberg Torch

Think about the last time you were in a castle. Have you ever been in one? Well, if you travel to Loveland Castle and Museum, an hour and 15 minutes drive south of Wittenberg, you can experience a real caslte in all its glory.

Located at 12025 Shore Road in Loveland, OH, the Loveland Museum and Castle is a fantastic place for students to spend a day off campus exploring the castle and its grounds.

The castle was built by a man named Harry Delos Andrew, who lived to 91 years o… (View original article)

Chicago’s historic ‘Wrigley Mansion’ relisted at lower price | abc7chicago.com


Chicago’s historic “Wrigley Mansion” is back on the market at a lower price.The property at 2466 North Lakeview Avenue was listed for $7.15 million earlier this year and had been under contract to sell, but has been recently relisted by Parkvue Realty at a lower price – $5.5 million.

Listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and a Chicago Landmark, the 9-bedroom, 6.3-bathroom estate was designed by architect Richard Schmidt and completed in 1896. T… (View original article)

For €50, You Can Buy a Share in This French Castle – Atlas Obscura

The castle of Saint-Vincent-le-Paluel will soon have hundreds of owners. Michel Chanaud/CC BY-SA 3.0When you think of a castle, you likely picture a king lording over it, directing operations and fitting the building to his every whim.

In Dordogne, France, though, fans of one castle are trying to change that conception, the Local reports. As part of a crowdfunding campaign, they’re selling fifty-Euro shares in the castle of Saint-Vincent-le-Paluel, a 15th-century chateau now famous fo… (View original article)

The last fortified house in Scotland is on the market | Daily Mail Online

10:50 EDT, 28 August 2017
06:46 EDT, 29 August 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a noble – but didn’t have the credentials required – purchasing this Scottish ‘fairy tale castle’ might be the easiest way.

The last fortified house to be built in Scotland is on the market for £650,000 – with the optional extra of a barony

Leslie Castle was built in the 17th Century and its metre-thick granite walls, towers and turrets reflect the vio… (View original article)