Clifford’s Tower shrouded by trees, and the long-demolished Old Deanery: 6 great old photos from Imagine York (From York Press)

HAVE you ever seen a better photograph of Clifford’s Tower than this?

From this angle, with trees clustering on the castle mound, it looks wonderfully rural and peaceful. Yet the photograph was taken from inside the old Victorian prison which once stood where the Eye of York now is. To the left of Clifford’s Tower you can clearly make out the millstone gatehouse which stood on Tower Street and connected the prison to the outer world. The low retaining wall which hemmed in the c… (View original article)

800 year old castle in Korat restored – Pattaya Mail

An 800-year-old castle in Khon Buri district, Nakhon Ratchasima province is going to become a new tourist attraction after undergoing a 10-month restoration.

South Khon Buri sub-district Mayor, Somchart Dejdon complimented the restorers on the beauty of the ancient castle during a follow-up inspection. The renovation was carried out by the Department of Fine Arts.

He said Khon Buri residents were pleased to learn that the castle had been successfully restored, adding that he … (View original article)

The castle that Dot built: New Zealander dream home comes with moat and dungeon | World news | The Guardian

As a child New Zealander Dot Smith dreamed of living in a castle.

Growing up on an isolated farm in the 1960s entertainment was scarce – so Dot read, and planned her escape.

“We grew up with no money, nothing. It was boring. We read all the time. All we had were our imaginations.” said Smith.

Five decades later, after working seven days a week and living in a simple cottage, Dot is on the cusp of achieving that childhood fantasy.

After six years of toil employ… (View original article)

£2m miniature Jacobean portrait bought for Powis Castle – BBC News

Image copyright
Val Vannet/Geograph

One of the “finest” portraits of the Jacobean era has been bought so it can remain at its home in mid Wales.

The 17th Century miniature painting of Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, was painted in watercolour on vellum by Isaac Oliver.

It will be restored before going back on display as the star attraction at Powis Castle, near Welshpool.

It was bought for £2.1m by the National Trust with help from the Nati… (View original article)

Travel back in time to the War of the Roses this Bank Holiday at Stokesay Castle

Travel back in time to the War of the Roses this Bank Holiday at Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle, Nr Craven Arms, Shropshire

This weekend visitors to Shropshire’s Stokesay Castle will be treated to a journey into the past as the castle comes alive with the sights, sounds and smells of Medieval England.

The two day event will see a cast of colourful characters making Stokesay their home as they live and make merry in the castle grounds.

Visitors wil… (View original article)

UC Berkeley’s Bowles Hall ‘castle’ reopens as select dorm, for $19,000 a year – Mercury News

BERKELEY — They appear to be typical college students, not wizards-in-training, but their new home is anything but standard-issue: a hilltop castle, where they can stay until they graduate from UC Berkeley.

“I’ve always wanted to live in a house that had a library,” said Micah Ackerman Hirsch, a junior American Studies major from Palo Alto who took a break last week in a different room — a lounge with a baby grand, gas fireplace and tall windows overlooking the bay. “It adds to the… (View original article)

Aug. 24 Meeting Will Discuss Proposed Stillwater Ice Castle – Stillwater, MN Patch

Attendees of an Aug. 24 neighborhood meeting will learn about a proposed ice castle attraction for this winter to be located in downtown Stillwater’s Lowell Park.

The 6:00 p.m. meeting will be held at the council chambers of Stillwater City Hall at 216 N. Fourth St, according to the Stillwater Gazette.

Stillwater residents will have the chance to provide feedback about the ice castle proposal during the meeting.

For more information, call (651) 430-8837.

Ima… (View original article)

The Duke and Duchess of Norfolk move back in together from separate wings of their castle | Daily Mail Online

18:33 EST, 20 August 2016
01:36 EST, 21 August 2016

Now the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk have reconciled

Their 2011 split was so acrimonious they reportedly missed the Royal Wedding to avoid being in the same room as one another – but now the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk have reconciled and are once again living under the same, very grand, roof.

The Queen is said by courtiers to be ‘absolutely thrilled’ that Edward and Georgina F… (View original article)

The 10 Most Haunted Castles In The World

Eilan Donan Castle, ScotlandPixabay

Castles are some of the most fascinating places in the world. They’re great tourist spots, but not only for their historical significance, sheer beauty and impressive architecture, but also because they have endless stories to tell us.

In every culture, from ancient times to the present, people have believed in ghostly spirits. After having witnessed bloody battles, murders, brutal witch hunts and other horrific events, these castle… (View original article)

Duke of Norfolk reconciles with wife after planning son’s wedding having spent five years living in separate wings of their castle 

Dan Kolubinski – a relationship therapist and director of Reconnect UK, a couples retreat firm – said that time apart could help to reignite a tired relationship by “pressing the reset button” and returning couples to the “dating phase”.

He said: “It is a short term solution, and technically the Duke and Duchess were living under the same roof, but couples do need to take a break, even after a year or two.

“The healthiest couples are the ones that have separate hobbies, inter… (View original article)